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.: Hair Care Tips :.

» Regular Hair Care
» Hair Looks & Styles
» Hair Styling Guide
» General Hair Tips
» Shampoo & Conditioners
Scalp Problems
» Styles for Glam Evening

.: Skin Care Tips :.

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» Skin Massages
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» Acne - Part Of Growing Up
:: Ideas for Hair Looks and Styles ::
Low Cost Ideas For Lovable Locks:

1.Choose hair styles that goes naturally with your hair type and lasts a while between cutting so that it is easy to maintain and does not require a lot of styling products.

2.To make shampoo last longer, keep am empty bottle in the shower next to the bottle of the shampoo in use.When you are ready to lather up, squirt a small amount of shampoo into the empty bottle and then add a shot of water and shake it lightly.This distributes the shampoo over the hair more evenly, while using less of it.It also lathers up much faster than doing it the conventional way.

3.Collect complimentary and sample bottles and packages of hair care products and then take them along when going on short trips.

4.Give up perms, hair colouring and highlighting.It only goes onto reduce your hair into a haystack.The ideal hair length is till shoulders and you can tie it in a French braid or up in a bun.This way you will be saved from the hassle of blow drying or curling.

5.Instead of using the expensive detangling products from the store, make a homemade version using 1 part conditioner and 10 parts water.Then put into a recycled pump hair spray bottle.It works wonders for hair.

Low Cost Tips For Hair Care At Home:

1.For Lifeless Hair
If you have hair that is dry and unmanageable, rinse it with beer, but make sure to wash off all the beer brew to remove the not-so-pleasant smell.

2.For High Shine Hair
Take 1 large banana and 1 tbsp of honey.Mash the banana with fork and add the honey.Mix the two together.Wet hair with lukewarm water.Apply the banana honey mix all over the hair.Put the shower cap on and cover with towel.Leave on for an hour.Rinse out.

3.Hair Conditioner Made At Home
Mix half cup of honey with 1/4 cup of olive oil.Using a small amount at a time, work the mixture through hair until you coat it all over.Cover hair with a shower cap, leave on for 30 minutes.Remove shower cap; shampoo well and rinse.


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